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Hay Family Cider

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If you are looking for a special bar this is it! Right behind my house I have some small apple trees. We grew, harvested and pressed our apples into fresh, homemade apple cider and I set some aside for just one small batch of apple cider bars. Blended with that apple aroma of course is some clove, nutmeg, ginger and anise essential oils. This bar is light and creamy and you cram really get some good suds going!


My bar soaps are made using the century’s old traditional cold process method in small batches with high quality, organic ingredients. I am very intentional when choosing ingredients for each recipe to bring out different benefits for your skin! They are cured for 4-6 weeks to ensure hardness and quality.



  • These bars are scented with essential oil only, no artificial fragrances!
  • They are colored with apple cider and absolutely no dye! 
  • Detergent free!
  • Completely paraben free!


This listing is for 1 natural artisan bar soap. I make these out of my home in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. The bar is wrapped, cigar band style with the ingredients clearly labeled. Feel extra good about your purchase, everything is zero-waste.


  • Because this is a handmade product, design and color may vary from bar or bar or candle to candle.
  • Each bar will last longer if stored in a soap dish or platform that drains. Bars that sit on a flat surface after use melt away faster because they sit in left over water.
  • Soap tested on humans only.


Olive Oil, Lard, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Apple Cider, Sodium Lactate (salt), Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger and Anise Essential Oils.