Why use only natural

The bodies largest organ is your skin! It might seem like you wash off all of the soap in the shower, but really, your body is simultaneously soaking up whatever soap is washing over your body. Looking into natural resources and the healing process, the true benefits started a fire within me. Store bought soaps are full of harmful chemicals. Some even known to cause cancer.

So why do people still use them? Well, I want to help fix the problem by encouraging people and providing healthy options. Natural ways of cleaning and healing have been mostly forgot about these days. But the reason age old remedies work is that...they work, nature works! Natural healing and natural health products have been around for forever and used to be the norm. They still are in some countries! But here, we have been swept away by changes in society. But that doesn't mean that the changes that have happened are good for us! It turns out, nature has everything we need…without cancer causing chemicals in it. We just need to open our minds a bit to really grasp the importance of switching to natural. 


  • The FDA doesn’t require disclosures of the ingredients contained in a company’s fragrance. This soap can contain harmful chemicals without the consumer even knowing.
  • They also use synthetic preservatives that have been linked to breast tumors
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate is widely used, it is also known as a hormone disruptor
  • Without naming names, there are deodorants out there that causes breast cancer…that’s the best kept but also obvious secret



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