Why bar soap and not liquid?


Short answer, the planet. Trust me, I never thought I would use a bar, but…

  • every year we produce over 380 million tons of plastic. Up to %50 being single use. That means we use it once, briefly, throw it out and it sits and stays on the planet for at least several hundred years!
  • Across the whole world, National Geographic says 91% of plastic isn’t recycled.

 What do you do with your old, empty shampoo bottles? We are going to destroy our plant if we keep treating it like a trash can. I used to use only liquid soap and could never imagine bar soap. That’s until I started learning about the health benefits and benefits to the planet. I have to say, I easily transitioned into bar soap and actually enjoy it. Why do I like it now but never did before? Because its so, so, so much better! Store bought bar soap is much lower quality. Homemade smells amazing, is pretty to look at and the exfoliation feels exquisite. These bars are like having a spa treatment! It’s exciting when it’s time to buy more! Who doesn’t the little luxuries in life? It’s been more exciting to choose a new pretty bar every time I shop then it was buying the same pump soap bottle every few months.

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