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My name is Allyssa and I'm the owner and maker of Evergreen Essential, a small business making 100% natural and therapeutic soaps and salves. Before owning this business I was a fire restoration technician-helping those who had fires in their homes. Helping people runs deep in my heart which is the driving force behind creating natural products. Helping people. I grew up in beautiful Bellingham, WA – the evergreen state, spending a lot of time outside. It only made me fall in love with nature. It didn’t take much for me to comfortably trust mother nature with my products.

In 2016 my husband had psoriasis on his hands so bad that his skin would crack and bleed. Doctors suggestions and medication did hardly a thing (if anything at all). So I had to do something! My heart hurt for him. So I researched for a few weeks, finding out what herbs and essential oils had the properties needed to help his skin…if it would work. At the time I was very skeptical of holistic treatments but we had ran out of options. His hands healed! That’s when I knew I was onto something. Natural remedies helped more then traditional medicine!

I realized I could help more then just my husband. Since I can remember, my littler sister has been sensitive to commercial soap. She gets itchy, burning rashes all over her body. While my salve calmed it, it doesn't solve the issue. We talked about it, and she agreed to be a guinea pig. I made my first soap and she loved it! No more itching! Since then I have been making my own soap and salves and making lifestyle changes to better suit a natural lifestyle.



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  • Your soap is beautiful! I cannot wait to try some. I have family member who suffer from psoriasis as well. I am excited you are local and I am happy to support your business. Nicole Petersen

    Nicole Petersen

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