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All natural Soap

Zero Waste

Palm free - sustainable

I stopped using my prescription cream on my hands after I started using the healing skin salve for my psoriasis!


My skin is really senitive to chemicals. If I shower with the wrong soap my whole body breaks out in a red, itchy, burning rash. I use the healing skin salve to calm it down. Takes away the itch and burning, makes my skin stop hurting. It's hood.


The lather on the blue loofah soap is very luxurious!


My son has bad acne and he picks a lot. I gave him my charcoal bar to try and his acne is clearing up!


Soap made by someone who cares

Meet Allyssa

Born and raised in Bellingham Washington, I have spent my whole life in love with the great outdoors! My home is vibrant and alive, inspiring me to make my soap the same way!

Not only am I inspired by the green life around me but the health of my family, friends and customers. That's why my soap is made with natural ingredients, no dyes or artificial scents.

The body's largest organ is the skin! We soak up chemicals through the skin and they enter the blood stream. Commercial soap is full of chemicals and preservatives known to disrupt hormones and even cause cancer!

Making the change from commercial soap to natural may seem like a strange idea at first, or even difficult, but contrary, it's really a treat! Every purchase made you get to pick out a new beautiful bar and try new scents completely guilt free while supporting a small local business.